Restoration Destinations

Stepping back so you can move forward

Guiding Christian leaders to experience rest, renewal, and refocusing through retreats, personal coaching, the Championing Program*, and sabbatical coaching.



Because ministry is exhausting! You’re constantly pouring out. We want to help you build healthy rhythms of rest while experiencing it firsthand.


Because the people we lead deserve our best! Enjoying unhurried time with God will recover your strength and restore freshness to your calling.


Because leading people well requires knowing where you are going! Get out of the rut as you receive clarity and perspective to move forward with intentionality.

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Meet your guides

John and Becci Wood know that leading in ministry can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. But let’s face it – ministry is also very challenging, strenuous, and demanding. With over 40 years of experience building their marriage, family, and the Church, they are the ultimate coaches to help you thrive, not merely survive, in your life and ministry.

Retreats are for individuals and couples in full-time or part-time Christian ministry.

Enjoy your own private suite, delicious meals, & peaceful mornings in our handpicked retreat homes.

Our retreats take place in a variety of inspiring locations with plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors and local spots.

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a passionate and dedicated group of ongoing givers on mission to build the Church, one healthy leader at a time
If you stay on the path you’re on now,
will you get to the destination you had in mind?